Government Build Big Port 20
29 January 2010, 04:49 AM

Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Fadel Muhammad said that immediately the development capacity of 20 major fishing ports in some parts of Indonesia. This development plan will be funded by the Government of Japan. "Japan is ready to help finance the construction of Indonesian fishing ports. This was revealed after we had a meeting with Ambassador of Japan today (yesterday - Red)," Radel said told reporters in Jakarta. Tuesday (13 / 1).

He explained that large-scale development of this port to accommodate more ships with greater capacity. So claims Japanese Embassy representatives assessed bring enough fresh air, especially to add more facilities for the fishermen, as well as to encourage increased local revenues and the capture fisheries sector. When asked what form of assistance granted the Japanese Government, the funds provided dalarn grants and soft loans. Dalarn this. Japanese confidence to the Government of Indonesia in the framework rnembangun marine sector is very high, however, is not known exactly the amount of funds that would be Japan.

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