Sumatra Fisheries harbor will be concentrated in Bengkulu
11 February 2010, 11:22 AM

Development of ports is located at Pulau Baai harbor area of Bengkulu, or alongside the pier Pulau Baai. Because of its status as a port of Sumatra, then the ferry dock the fish will likely far greater than the pier Pulau Baai.

From the results of data collection by the Department of Marine Affairs and Fisheries estimated to be around 100 units of fishing vessels will be docked at the port every day, he said.Fish port development plans are part of the management program the smallest islands. While Bengkulu chosen as the location because it lies in the middle. In the port development will be a port of the archipelago.

As a center of fishing boats landing, the port will be equipped with various facilities such as supporting prasana cold storage (refrigerator) and ice plant, he said.

In fact, the government plans to build a fish processing industry, so that fishermen haul in part is processed before sale to the market. All the fishermen haul in Sumatra dismantled in Bengkulu, and then distributed to other regions including the Java and exports, he said.

On the potential fisheries in the region of Sumatra, he admitted that he would not have any data, but very large. For all its potential Bengkulu mencapi over 900 thousand tons per year.

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